Monday, July 9, 2012

Step Right Up!

It's time to go to the circus!  Except this circus isn't creepy and it doesn't smell bad... Okay, I admit EVERY circus is a little creepy, but I promise 100% there aren't ANY clowns... there are fun carnival games...  okay, you're still a little hesitant, but what if I told you this slightly creepy circus is circa 1930's รก la Water For Elephants?

ALRIGHTY!  We have a taker here folks!  C'mon and step right up to see fantastical sights that will amaze and shock you.  Dazzle and delight!  {Vintage charm always trumps creepiness!}

While I haven't seen Water For Elephants yet, I did read the book a while ago and the idea to do vintage circus cookie set has been marinating since then.  I've always felt there is something fascinating and a little disturbing about the circus and this novel did nothing to dispel that feeling!  

Sorry, I know that was like a billion pictures, but I couldn't help myself!  I hope this carnival of mine struck the correct balance.  It should be equal parts intrigue and surprise with a dash of scary and a sprinkling of creepy?  And I kept my promise about the clowns!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 11: Amazing Race

The clue from last night told the kids today was the last leg. They didn't believe it. No! There is something else! This morning we told them we would be home by the end of the day. The kids were a little sad,but also a little excited to get home. After a quick swim we packed up our bags, put on our AR uniform one last time and loaded the car. The kids read one of the few envelopes left and had to find out where the garlic capital of the world is.

We headed south to Gilroy and the kids were amazed by the smell. The challenge in Gilroy was they each needed to eat a scoop of garlic ice cream. The kids and Mr. John wisely chose chocolate, while I chose vanilla. With the chocolate it covered most of the garlic impact, but the vanilla really let the garlic shine!

Sage had a hard time finishing her garlicky confection, but with a little cheering on she bravely chugged the rest of it. We got some cherries from a roadside stand to get the garlic taste out of our mouths and continued south.

About two hours later we parked in our driveway and made our way inside where the kids were greeted by a roomful of our friends and family cheering the weary racers at the finale!


The kids were so shocked as they then sat down and were interviewed about their big adventure. Our friend Mark asked them lots of questions about different parts of the trip and the kids got to share their thoughts and their favorite parts. They were each presented with a special trophy with their name, the dates of the vacation, and our AR Adams family edition logo. Afterwards everybody ate and chatted and had a great time.
Now, once again, everyone is asleep but now they're in their own beds and hopefully having sweet and adventurous dreams. I know I am going to sleep well!

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