Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

My little love bugs had to put up with my Valentine accessories this morning.  

The thing I love most about this happy lovey day is making it special for the kids.  Don't get me wrong, I love going out on a hot date with Mr. John too, but something about sitting at a table covered in paper scraps and glitter glue with my kids makes the day for me.  I think the kid-centric celebrating began when Mr. John was away on business for several consecutive years for Valentine's Day.


This year Denver said he didn't want to make valentines!!!  Though I know it's a losing battle, I can't give up on him at the tender age of 6.  I showed him how to stamp a simple valentine and add rhinestones and by the end he was getting creative with glitter glue and edge punches.  I'm sure next year he will be picking out a box of SpongeBob valentines with Mr. John.  Oh the travesty!

The only way to start Valentine's Day!

Hope you have a splendid-bedazzled, covered in stickers and doilies kind of Valentine's Day!


  1. So cute! Happy lovey glitter day to you too!

  2. Those are some very fancy cards that your little lovebugs are making! Love the pancakes too:) Happy Valentine's Day! XO!

  3. Happy valentines day my amazing friend! Is it normal I just wished for a second I could be one of you kids? Ps, awesome pancakes!!!

  4. Certainly looks like the day was a lot of fun and the kids made some awesome cards while their Mom made some awesome pancakes :)


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