Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve!

I can't believe Christmas is here!  Tonight the fam will get all fancy and go out to eat with Mr. John's family and gather around the tree and open presents.  Then we'll head home and put the kids to bed and wake up to see if Santa came for a visit.  We'll play with our new toys and then get ready for my family to come over to share a meal and singing around the piano.

It is awesome how well our family traditions fit together.  Mr. John with his side celebrating on Christmas Eve and mine on Christmas day.  As always it came a little too fast and not everything that I wanted to do got done.  But thinking about it now I realize the important stuff did get done:

* We went to a couple of Christmas concerts.
* We sang and rang the bell for the Salvation Army.
* We went ice skating.
* We went to Disneyland
* We bought gifts for needy families.
* Last night Mr. John made sure a certain home got a Christmas tree... complete with lights and decorations.  {I can't tell you how much I love this man!}
* We will see lots of family!
* We went caroling to a couple of assisted living homes.  This was our second year doing it and it is one of my favorite new traditions.  After singing several songs we asked "What would you like to hear?" and little Lois said, "More!"  It only takes a little time and seeing their faces, we know it means so much to them.
* We decorated gingerbread houses.

I hope you got to check off the most important things on your list this season.  And if not?  Christmas isn't the only time to get things done or to let people know how much you care.  I know I have a lot of things on my "to do" list for the new year and I can't wait.  Merry Christmas to you.  I hope it is filled with wonder and love!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Milk... it does a body good!

Do you know what today is?  Yes, it's Saturday, what else?  Sure it's the 8th of December, you're getting warmer...  It's the 8th day of Christmas!  Do you know what my true love gave to me on the 8th day?  Go ahead, sing through the song.  And while you're at it check out these amazingly gorgeous and breathtaking cookie creations linked below:

a partridge in a pear tree by Callye
2 turtle doves by Maryann
3 french hens by Hani
4 calling birds by Mariëlle
5 golden rings by Alison
6 geese a laying by Marlyn
7 swans a swimming by Lisa

8 maids a milking... by me!

Callye decided the only way she could finally fulfill her dream of cookieying the 12 days of Christmas, she'd need to enlist the help of some friends.  I chose 8 maids a milking and I imagined a folk art inspired quilt cookie, with primitive cows and milkmaids.

Then I realized:  HELLO!  I can't make a bunch of square cookies for the Queen of Cutter Repurposing!  I am 0% creative when it comes to having cutter vision; that ability to see outside the cutter.  When I see a fish shaped cookie cutter, you know what possibilities I see?  Yeah, that's right... a fish.  But the thing I like best about taking on a collaborative project is the ways I grow as a cookier when I push myself {or somebody else pushes you: Thanks Callye!} out of my comfort zone.

So, not only did I decide to repurpose a cutter for this, I decided to do 8 different milkmaids with different cutters.  I guess when I decide to push myself I really shove!  Actually... I figured if I hated the end results I could salvage at least one milkmaid to post about and I'd throw in a cow and call it good.  But surprise, surprise!  Even though this whole process was completely new to me, after I freaked out a little over it, I had a TON of fun and all 8 milkmaids remained intact and repurposed!

Go check out the cutters I used and the cookies I came up with at The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mission: Homespun Tree Cutter

cutter can be purchased here at Karen's Cookies
I received the following message at 9 hundred hours from Agent CC (Cookie Crazie):

Good morning, Ms McGoo. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a cookie design using the above cookie cutter designated "Homespun Tree Cutter" that I have created. You may select any color scheme and it is not essential for it to be "Christmasy". Though you are a civilian, I have found you to be a highly capable cookier.  You have forty-eight hours to complete your design and submission.  As always, should any member of this collaboration be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions.  This message will self-destruct in five seconds.....  

Okay... so Pam didn't send me that message exactly...  and my computer didn't blow up exactly... but she DID create that cookie cutter, and she DID invite me to make my own design for her collaboration, and all of the proceeds DO go towards a mission, just a different kind of mission.  You see, all the proceeds for Pam's cookies go directly towards her yearly missions to the Ukraine.  Isn't that wonderful?  That includes all the proceeds from these cookie cutters, so go and get your hot little hands on one and help support an amazing effort.    

Pam really gave us several weeks to complete our cookies, but 672 hours just didn't sounds as impressive as 48 hours.  I, of course waited until 8 hundred hours of the day they were due to get mine together!  I tell myself it's because I do better under pressure, but it's really just because I was busy and a procrastinator.  

I was inspired by those scrappy trees you've been seeing.  You know the ones where people make use of their stash of scraps to make a cute Christmas tree?  Like this one:

from Little Page Turners
Cute, right?  So that's what I cookie'd.  A scrappy tree:

The truly rad part about this cookie is that it is supposed to be wonky.  In this case the wonkier = cuter. I love it when that happens because then there is no worrying about it being perfect or stressing.  You just have fun piping on perfectly imperfect long rectangles, let it dry, and then have fun painting patterns with a paintbrush and food coloring or you could even cheat and use markers.  I like to think of the scraps as wrapping paper scraps.  What designs would you see on wrapping paper?  Just have fun with it!  

The beauty of this cookie cutter is there are sooo many things you could do with it. I am NOT one to see lots of possibilities within the confines of a cutter, but I had several ideas I could have done, and if I could do that: I know it's a good multi-purpose cutter.  Besides that... you can see for yourself all these incredible ways this cutter was purposed:

Aren't they gorgeous?!  And the best part is that none of the collaborators were caught OR killed so no one was disavowed...  
For a closer look at all the beautiful cookies, check out the links below.

2 CeCe – Tactical Baker
3 Laurie – Cookie Bliss
4 Andrea – Cupookie
5 Christine – Sugar Cravings
6 Heather – Sugar Nosh Treats
7 Lorraine – Lorraine’s Cookies
9 Nancy – Seasons of Joy
10 Kim – The Partiologist
11 Maryann – Cookie Artisan
12 Jen – Posh Pastries
13 Jennifer – Cookie Cutter Creations
14 Tricia – The Cookie Loft Girls
15 Elizabeth – Lizy B Bakes
16 Stephanie – Ice My Biscuit
17 Melissa – The Baked Equation
18 Liz – Arty McGoo

Now that I have recruited you and given you this top secret message, you know what happens next?  Yep... that's right:  5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Card Cookie Inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere!  And I can't think of a season that evokes more inspiration and beautiful visuals than Christmastime.  Call me crazy, but I love it when the shelves begin to fill with all the sparkly Christmas decorations and cards.  I know a lot of people complain and say how commercial Christmas has become, but I believe Christmas is what you make it.  I don't mind the early release of Christmas stock... it just means I get to enjoy the holiday that much longer; and bring on the Christmas music!  One month is not nearly long enough for me.

So, when my friend Hani {of the beautiful Haniela's} asked if I would like to take part in a cookie collaboration inspired by Christmas cards I was super excited.  Such a perfect pairing!  Nothing says Christmas like cards and cookies.  I had all kinds of ideas, but when I saw this card in the store, I knew it was the one I would cookie.  Lately I've been enchanted with the texture and colors of birch, so this card charmed me.

Here is my cookie interpretation of the cardinal card:

With the abundance of inspiration out there right now, I hope you take the time to look around you and soak it all in: the music, the scenery, the smells, and sounds of Christmas.  Before you know it the shelves will be full of conversation hearts asking you to "Be mine".  Enjoy every season and make the focus of your holidays what you want them to be about.

I wish I could have cookie'd 50 cards, there are so many gorgeous ones.  Thank goodness for these amazingly talented cookiers who were inspired by all different style and themed cards.  They are absolutely beautiful and it is such a treat to peek into their creative process.  Links to all these breathtaking beauties are below.

1.Stephanie, Ellie' s Bites Decorated Cookies
2. Anne, Flour Box Bakery
3. Georganne, LilaLoa
4. Lorraine, Lorraine's Cookies
5. Kim, The Partiologist  
6. Pam, Cookie Crazie
7.Cathy, Cathy's Cookies
8. Mariëlle, De Koekenbakkers 
9.  Nadia, My Little Bakery
10. Liz, Arty Mc Goo
11. Callye, Sweet Sugarbelle
12. Marlyn, Montreal Confections
13. Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker
14. Meaghan, The Decorated Cookie
15. Paula, Vanilla Bean Baker
16. Miriam & Estíbaliz, Message in a Cookie 
17. Ali, Ali Bee's Bakeshop
18. Myriam, Chapix Cookies
19. Jennifer, Not Your Momma's Cookie
20. Jill, Funky Cookie Studio
21. Maryann, Cookie Artisan
22. Hani, Haniela's

In the words of Tiny Tim, "God bless us, every one!"

Friday, November 9, 2012

CookieCon and on and on

Photo credit:  Laurie Anglen (Cookie Bliss)
Hey...  Arty McGoo here.  Exactly a week ago right now I was hyperventilating.  Was I running a marathon?  Was I fighting an epic battle with a dragon?  No, I was enjoying Callye's awesome CookieCon presentation when I suddenly realized she was winding down and my presentation was next.  I was so lost in "cookie think" that I forgot I was about to go in front of this ginormous room filled with insanely talented cookiers and with a steady hand, paint on cookies.  HA!  steady hands?!  I looked down at my hands and found them shaking like crazy.  WHAT was I thinking?

Some artwork Bailey made for me just before I left for SLC.  
Her vision of how my presentation would be received at CookieCon.
 Do you see that I'm crossing my fingers behind my back?  ha ha!  She knows me too well!

Let me start at the beginning.  CookieCon is an international cookie decorating convention that was created and hosted by the amazing Karen and Mike Summers of Karen's Cookies.  They organized a huge gathering of crazy cookiers all around the world and it took place in Salt Lake City last weekend on November 1-3.  It was all cookies, all the time, and it couldn't have been more incredible.  The amount of work and organization that it must have taken to pull this event together is mind boggling!  The sponsors were very generous, the giveaways were phenomenal, and no one left empty handed.  No one could do it better than Karen and Mike!

This gathering was so packed with information and inspiration!  The cookiers who attended were all so eager to share and to try new things.  I wish I could bottle the energy and emotions that were felt by this crowd of cookiers as they met face to face for the first time; when they perused the insanely gorgeous cookies in the Sugar Show; the complete silence as they were soaking in every word of the presentations.  I WISH I could bottle it, because words can never express the feeling and excitement that was all around during those very special 3 cookie-immersed days.

I can only tell you how it was through my perspective, but it makes me happy to think that everyone there had a slightly different experience and I can't wait to hear all of them.  I had the fun experience of rooming with Callye (The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle) and Karen (SugarDeaux Cookies & Cakes).  I counted up my total hours of sleep for 4 days and came up with 15 hours... I enjoyed the heck out of those two!

Photo credit: Karen Anderson
Watching each presentation was awe inspiring.
*To not only be able to sit and watch Alison of Ali Bee's Bakeshop effortlessly pipe beautiful flowers, but then to be able to give her a hug and tease her about her height was priceless.  (She is the cutest little thing!)
*I got to say, "Morning Glory!" to Glory (of Glorious Treats) and watch her create with fondant.  I can honestly say Glory taught me everything I know about fondant and I can't wait to try!  Her photography session was invaluable.
*Pam (CookieCrazie) worked her magic with glaze and then later wowed me again with her creativity with packaging.  She thinks inside the box in ways I'd never imagined.
*Next up was Callye (Sugarbelle) who doesn't let a cutter stifle her creativity.  I wish I could think like that! but she definitely inspired me to try.
*Next up was me; painting on cookies.
*Lisa of The Bearfoot Baker taught airbrushing and it completely blew me away.  Somehow I talked myself into needing one and I blame her for that!
*Julia Usher gave a truly inspiring demonstration on stenciling.  It was downright therapeutic to watch her work.
*and last but definitely not least!  The one and only Maryann (Cookie Artisan) wowed me with her breathtaking platter session.  Such creative cookie sets and so beautifully thought out.

Not only were their presentations amazing, but after spending some time with them, I am so honored to call them friends.  What incredible women!

photo credit:  Maryann Rollins (cookie artisan on flickr)

I was able to sit and talk with so many amazing cookiers.  There were so many conversations and memories that I will hold in my heart forever.  I laughed with many, even cried with a few, schemed with some, and was my usual dorky self with everyone!

So... my presentation.
Where were we?  ah yes, I was busy hyperventilating!
I would make a horrible mess up there if I let my nerves get the better of me.  I knew everyone there was sweet and supportive and just there to have a fun, cookie saturated weekend, but telling myself that didn't help the feeling that lunch was about to reappear.  {ewwwww!  Sorry, that was nasty.}  I took some deep breaths and remembered a pep talk Mr. John had given me before I left.  I chanted in my head "I am awesome.  I am awesome.  I am awesome."  I KNOW that sounds ridiculous... but IT WORKED!  I literally felt the nerves drain from my body and was replaced by excitement.  It was a cookie miracle!  I not only "got through" my presentation, but I had so much fun up there.  I can't guarantee I made sense the entire time, but it felt good.  I started out my demo showing some painting techniques anyone could use, and stepped up the difficulty a bit with each cookie.  I really hope it took the fear out of holding a paintbrush and trying something new.

There were such great questions asked!  I was surprised by the things people were curious about and I loved hearing their perspective.  I finished my presentation with a movie I had made specifically for CookieCon.  It not only showed my process from start to finish, but it was my little love note to the sweet cookie community.

The moment the video finished was one I will NEVER forget.  The whole room got to their feet and I can't explain the complete feeling of love and support coming from the audience that {only an hour before} I was so scared to get in front of!  I think some were crying, I couldn't quite tell because things were looking a bit blurry for me too.  It was absolutely humbling!

The weekend was a whirlwind.  The creative energy flowing through the open decorating workshop was incredible!  I just walked around soaking it all in and looked at the amazing cookies people were working on.  The creativity was inspiring!

me having a hard time deciding which cookie to vote for 

If you were there:  THANK YOU!  Thank you for sharing your creativity, your stories, your energy, your support, your cookies, your hugs!  I appreciate every cookier that I had a chance to meet.  I was so caught up in the moment that I barely took any pictures, so I appreciate seeing everyone's pictures.  (I would LOVE to see more)  Thank you for an unforgettable weekend!

photo credit: Lindsey Agee (Tickled Pink Cookie Boutique)
For those cookiers that couldn't be there:  You were missed.  You were talked about.  You inspired us.  You WILL be there next CookieCon!

That was a glimpse at my experience at CookieCon.  It couldn't have been more fun or exciting.  I could go on and on and on... Can we do it again?!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Adams Family (snap snap)

Maybe it's because we are the Adams family, or maybe it's because we love a good excuse to dress up, or maybe we really love to fill pillow cases full of our neighbor's candy, but we LOVE Halloween!  So here goes:  this year's edition of The Adams Family Halloween Extravaganza!  Extravaganza Extravaganza {that was an echo for effect}.  Let me introduce you to a couple of characters:

Meet, BAILEY!  The fierce Lisa Frank-esque neon tiger!
She likes balls of yarn and long naps in the glittery sunshine.

And once upon a time there was a medieval witch named SAGE!  
She likes to go for long walks in the forbidden forest looking for spider webs and frog toenails.

The next character crashing onto the scene is DENVER!  I mean Wreck-It Ralph!
He wrecks buildings by punching through bricks, but he wants to be a good guy and other stuff we can't wait to see when the movie comes out this Friday!  
{Denver is not going to go trick-or-treating barefoot.  Those are paper mache shoes I made for him}
After searching high and low for overalls of any color in Denver's size and failing, my mom whipped these up on her sewing machine today!  She is a genius!

And this supercalifragilisticexpialidotious couple are planning to have a practically perfect Halloween as Bert and Mary Poppins.  Mr. John and I will have more than a spoonful of sugar after we raid the kid's trick or treat bags tonight!

So that's what our Halloween looks like.  We always have a lot of fun and hope you enjoy a super fun and fantastical Halloween!  

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Ides of October

How can it possibly be the middle of October already?  It's gone so fast I'm having a hard time remembering what I've forgotten to journal about... um, did that make any sense at all?

I've made several cookie sets that were super fun and have a couple more sets I'm excited about before COOKIECON!  Yep, CookieCon is only 20 days away now and it's all I can think about right now so forgive me if I seem a little scattered.

focus Liz... breathe, and focus.

So I thought I'd post some cookies I've done this month and try to get up do date.

First, I sent these cookies to my sweet friend Ashli who was throwing a baby shower.  Ashli herself is the AMAZING cookier behind The Little Flower Bakery, but she was unable to make them herself because of a recent surgery.  That girl will not slow down!  She still threw the baby shower.  Sweet pink and green for a sweet new baby girl Autumn Grace:

and I made this special one for Ashli to enjoy:

Then I made another set in the same color scheme but for a slightly older young lady who was celebrating her 71st birthday.  Peggy from Peggy Does Cake mom was having a birthday and several cookiers got together to make it extra special.  (the cookie roundup was a brainchild of the incredible Vicki of Sweet Tweets)  We all made Patty tea party inspired cookies and here was my contribution.

And now for a break from our pink and green program.  Next up was a completely non-girly set of cookies.  I am so used to doing girly cookies because... well, I don't know if you've heard this rumor, but I AM a girl.  I tend to make girly cookies most of the time, so when my darling friend Laura {who is ALSO a fabulous cookier!  Check her out here} told me about her husband's affinity for Alaska and asked if I could make him Alaskan cookies for his birthday, I was super excited.   I always love a good challenge!  So fun:

Meanwhile, my friend Jill {the insanely talented Jill FCS} "introduced" me and many other cookiers to an incredibly inspiring 13 year old boy named Bo who lives in her community.  This article tells his story better than I could and it touched me so much.  My kids came into my office while I was reading his story.  I was crying and imagining what it would be like at 13 years old to have a painful fight with a rare form of leukemia, after fighting and winning... to have that same monster of a disease come back, and then be told that you were going to die from it.  Then I imagined the only thing that might possibly be harder than that, was to be Bo's mom and have to watch him go through that.  I gave my kids the biggest hug and told them all about Bo's story.

The kids prayed for Bo every night, hoping that he would feel comforted, hoping that his family would be strong.  I did too.  Jill invited cookiers everywhere to make cookies for a bake sale that would raise money during a benefit for Bo.  So many cookiers jumped at the opportunity to do something for this boy who had touched all our lives with his spirit.

On the 28th of September, Bo passed away, but his message of paying it forward will go on forever.  Without ever meeting him, he has taught my family and I lessons we'll never forget, he has inspired us to be appreciative, be aware, be grateful, be generous...  YOLO: you only live once so do it like you mean it.  Live like you should.  In the words of Bo:

 “Love each other, help each other, have your neighbor's back. If you see someone in need — even a stranger — reach out and help. This world can be a better place if we care and help each other.”

The cookie community has sent over 1,000 cookies that celebrate Bo's message and life.  Today through Sunday, these cookies will be sold at The Go Bo! Bake Sale in Sister Bay, Wisconsin.  Look at all of them!  

I can't wait to hear how the bake sale goes and I wish I could express to Bo's mom {Annika} how her son's life has touched mine and give her a big hug.  Thank you Jill for organizing all of us crazy cookiers; for volunteering so many hours, so many cookies, your LIVING ROOM! and for letting us be a small part of spreading Bo's message.  Here is my Go Bo! set of cookies:

Go Bo! Foundation 
Have a great Friday and live like you mean it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

There seem to be two camps in this world when it comes to pumpkin eating. A camp of pumpkin haters and a camp of pumpkin lovers. There is no in-between either. For some reason the debate over this flavorful icon of autumn is very polarizing! I think there is one thing that both lovers and haters can agree on: PUMPKINS ARE THE HAPPIEST PLANTS ON THE PLANET! Of course this is coming from a pumpkin lover, but c'mon... can you look at a chunky orange pumpkin and not smile?

As a self titled pumpkin extremist {I put pumpkin in everything this time of year!} I was super excited to be a part of Callye's {aka Sugarbelle} pumpkin cutter collaboration. The challenge? Using a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter... make something. Yes, it is really that simple and broad and look at the amazing and creative results! I am in pumpkin heaven!

Get a closer look at all the pumpkin goodness here:

1. Panda Calaveras, Miss Cuit

2. Owl S’mores on a Stick, Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake Pasties, Bakingdom

4. Halloween Pumpkin Wall, Arty McGoo

5. Cocoa Krispies Trick or Treat Bears, Hungry Happenings

6. Creative Cherry Cookies, Lila Loa

7. The Ultimate Halloween Candy Bar, Dollhouse Bake Shoppe

8. Halloween Pumpkin Carriage Cookie, Trilogy Edibles

9. Easy Cheveron Pumpkin Cookies, Lizy B Bakes

10. Pumpkin Fudge on a Stick, The Decorated Cookie

11. Funny Face Pumpkin Cookies, Munchkin Munchies

12. Woodland Owl Cookies, The Bearfoot Baker

13. Pumpkin Cheesecake Hand Pies, Created by Diane

14. Wide Eyed Owl Cookies, Simply Sweets by Honeybee

15. Zombie Girl and Brains Cookies, Not Your Momma’s Cookies

16. Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Fudge, The Partiologist

17. 3-D Pumpkin Cookie, Cookie Crazie

18. Faberge-Style Pumpkin Coach, Oh, Sugar Events

19. Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Cupcake Topper, Sweetology 101

20. Slimy Green Ghost Cookies, Pink Little Cake

21. Silly Pumpkin Face Cookies, Klickitat Street

22. Pretty Painted Pumpkin Cookies, Glorious Treats

23. Lalaloopsie Cookies with a Twist, SweetSugarBelle

I had several ideas for this pumpkiny challenge, but who knows what happens when the icing hits the cookie? It turned into a little pumpkin love story...

Once upon a time a vampire named... um... not Edward... and not Bill... um his name was Mr. John. and he did not sparkle or make wind chime noises. He also didn't wear people as backpacks. He was extremely dashing and kind, {he was also undead and liked to drink blood sometimes.}

So he happened upon a human girl... oh, let's see her name was not Sookie or Bella... it was.... hmmmm, how about a nice traditional name like, I don't know: Elizabeth.

Mr. John, the vampire was immediately drawn to Elizabeth's bewitching scent. It was as though a perfume of sugar cookies was coursing through her veins and the cookie aura clinging to her was magical and intoxicating! He had to talk to her!

He was scared he would trip over his teeth when he approached her, so he went in prepared. He was a vampire with a plan:

"Miss Elizabetta. I have heard you make delicious cookies and I would be most honored if I could procure several of your culinary wonders." Mr. John held his breath... wait, no he didn't... vampire's don't breathe. erm, he waited nervously for Elizabeth's response.

She blushed furiously, which made Mr. John's mouth water. "Thank you kindly Mr. John. I would be happy to bake cookies for you. Can you pick them up in 3 days?"

Mr. John smiled a tiny smile so as not to scare off the sweet lady. He gallantly took her hand and kissed it, never taking his eyes off of hers. "I look forward to seeing you, I mean... seeing the cookies." and he dashed off with hope in his heart... vampires don't have hearts do they? Okay... he was SUPER stoked because not only was Miss Elizabeth going to make him cookies, she seemed to be rather enamored with him as he was of her!

The three days felt like an eternity to Elizabeth! She had previously been watching Mr. John for weeks, but never knew what to say to him. Now it felt like he had broken a spell and she had hundreds of questions for him. She made his cookies with all the love and skill she could put into them. She fretted over each royal icing detail and heat sealed them to keep fresh. Surely he would be able to see her affection for him through these cookies?

Mr. John nightly perched as a bat on a nearby lamp post and had watched his sweet Elizabetta work on his cookies, and other orders too... there was some serious high demand for her enchanted baking . He knew her hands worked special magic on his cookies in particular and he was in serious trouble of losing his non-existent heart to her. He swooped down and simultaneously assumed his manly form.

He stepped into her small cookie shop and the bell jangled over head announcing his return. Elizabeth breezed into the front room and her face beamed as she saw who had entered. "Mr. John! it is so good to see you!" she breathed. She ducked beneath the counter and came back up holding a box with slightly shaking hands. "Here they are."

Mr John took the box reverently and slowly lifted the top. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He then examined each intricate cookie while Elizabeth shifted nervously, waiting for his response. She cleared her throat and said almost in a question, "I've been told they taste better than they look."

He suddenly looked at her intently and unwrapped a cookie. She found his gaze slightly more disconcerting than his silence. He slowly sunk his fangs into the buttery cookie and he knew at that moment... that first bite... that his non-existent heart was forever the property of Miss Elizabeth's!

They courted for a while and before long, they got married, had 3 kids, bought a minivan and they were so happy it was scary!


Hope you enjoyed my pumpkin love story. I'm so excited to go to our favorite pumpkin patch and pick out our favorites this year. Well, I'm off to drop the ghouls and boy off to school!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower Cookies

My darling friend Lissa Moon LaCroix {seriously, how cool is that name?  I had to type out her big name just so I could admire it at length}  so anyway... my darling friend Lissa Moon LaCroix was throwing a baby shower and asked if I could make the favors.  She is super sassy and awesome and emailed me a style board she put together.  I immediately fell in love with the vintage-nerd-cool-hipster vibe.  The color palette was to die for and she had me at bowler hats and mustaches.

 So by Jove! here are the cookies I came up with for the "Little Man" baby shower.  I say, they did turn out rather dapper!

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