Saturday, June 18, 2011

CSI Dessert Challenge

On Thursday I joined a dessert challenge over at the CSI project dessert challenge .  I entered my Jewel Kade cookies into the fray of lovely lemon blueberry cake, peanut butter buttons, pina colada pie, and many other drool-inducing delicacies that will soon be tested out in my kitchen.  The guest judge was the incredibly talented and amazing Amanda from  I Am Baker

So... guess which dessert won?  I will give you a quote about the winner as a clue:

“Amazing.  I am so impressed by the detail and the hand painted technique and beautiful choice of colors.  These are truly one of a kind pieces of art!”  Amanda raved.  

My charm cookies won!  I am so honored and excited to be the winner!
Today, Mr. John and I are also celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed a delicious Thai dinner last night and went to the movies to see Super 8 (which was AMAZING!).  Our 3 kids had a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's so John and I were able to sleep in and go out to a late breakfast and then a stroll through the art studio.  The paintings, photography, and amazing creations there have completely inspired and uplifted me.  What an incredible couple of days!  Ahhh... life is good!

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  1. Congrates..You do unbelieveable work...A real artist..


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