Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love paper!

I love paper!  I have stacks of beautiful papers that I have collected intended for scrapbooking.  Toiles, antiqued florals, trendy stripes, quirky patterns, I love them all.  I have my favorite adhesives and glitters.  My little paperworking toolbox is the cutest thing, with a hammer for setting eyelets and paper piercing needles.  How many scrapbooks do I have completed, you ask?  I have finished a total of 2 pages.  Yep, I rock at scrapbooking.   Avid right?

But, have no fear!  My paper and tools do not collect dust.  I don't allow my complete incompetence in scrapbooking to keep me from using my tools.  I love making cards, banners, and of course these blocks with paper.  This is a set I made this weekend.

I made some baby blocks for a newborn a while back in this post.  Since little Miss Mya is a bit older, I wanted them to be a little sassier.  It's almost the same color scheme but it amazes me how different they came out with a little bolder paper.  Did I mention I love paper?

I've only ever made these blocks for little girls, but it makes me wonder, what about a set with pictures of Mr. John and I spelling out LOVE?  oh!  a family one would be super cute!  I love the endless creative possibilities that all start with wood and paper.


  1. Love the blocks! I may take you up on your offer to help me make some, when I know the baby's name.

  2. Mya and her family love love love the blocks!!! Thank you!!!

  3. I'm so glad they love love love the blocks! That makes me happy happy happy :D


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