Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just because...

... they are adorable!

Spring break is here!  2 weeks of beach-trekking, playdates, sleeping in, kid-crafting, movie-watching, popcorn-popping, park-playing good times! We've already been kayaking, sandboarding, visiting with cousins, BBQ with old friends, swimming, lots of video game playing and we're only on day 4 of spring break. 

Of course it's not going to be all fun and games as there are things that need to get done.  Unfortunately, Mr. John doesn't have 2 weeks off of work, but I have a feeling he'll be cutting out early a couple of days.  
Something we did just yesterday was Bailey got her first haircut at a salon.  She had an idea of what she wanted and I think it came out even better than she expected.  She loves it.  I also got quite a bit cut off and by the time she straightened my unruly locks, I looked like a different person!  I'll have to post some befores and afters :D  This was only the 4th time that I've had a salon cut so it was a fun experience for me as well. 

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