Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Blocks

The extreme makeover on my office is finally over.  Everything has a home and it's much easier to work and get creative in this space.  To celebrate I got the office dirty made a project.  I broke out the mod podge yesterday along with some blocks Mr. John cut and got to work with my 7 year old, Sage.  Her gymnastic coach just had a baby so we made these 3 1/2" wooden blocks with the letters of her name on one side and pictures on the other.  Sage was a really great help and we had a ball creating these and listening to Justin Bieber.

I really love how they came out!  Yay for clean offices, little helpers, and Justin Bieber to help inspire :D


  1. You are so creative. Love all your projects. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Arty McGoo - Liz! Will you see this post almost one year later????? I am going back through your old posts and LOVE this project. Did you ever do a tutorial on these? You do mention Mod Podge but it looks like you also aged/sanded/antiqued the blocks some...I really want to make some of these. Help! Love your work, I post that on your FB posts all the time and you have inspired me to try painting on cookies - why not, right? I have such an appreciation for artists and know the work, effort and talent it takes to be good - You've got it! THANKS FOR SHARING IT ALL!


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