Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horrendousness in the office ensues

So my cat and I came to an agreement and she will no longer be peeing on my clean laundry or my bed. After much discussion with her and some compromising, our relationship is better than ever. Who knew that the brand of kitty litter you used could make a cat so dang sensitive?  Apparently my cat only pees on Fresh Step kitty litter! Who knew?!

Onto other news. I've been in the process of going through everything in my office and realizing I have a lot of junk. It's going to be awesome when it's done, but in the meantime, it's hmmmm, how should I put it? Horrendous. I can't do anything creative in here, let alone barely walk.  I feel useless creativewise, but I have done several photo shoots recently and I thought I'd chronicle some highlights.  

Mr. Tanner Smooshypants

The always fabulous Cari and her boys

The aforementioned fabulous Cari and her frolicsome family

And the rest are from this beautiful lady's 90th birthday.  Edith had two wonderful kids who then blessed her with lots of grand and great grandbabies that I got to take pictures of.  What a gorgeous family!

this one cracks me up!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week.  I love it because it's full of potential.  I might not have any exciting plans for the weekend, but it's the possibility that something amazing could happen that makes the day glorious.  That's not to say something amazing couldn't happen on an average ordinary Tuesday, but there's something magical about the weekend.  Some would say that would make Saturday or Sunday my favorite day of the week, but I beg to differ.  It's the anticipation of the weekend that I love more than anything.

So today, the first day of the year feels like a ginormous Friday to me.  There is such promise and endless opportunity looming!  Resolutions?  I've never been one for those.  I'm more of a long term goal girl and loosely thought out goals at that.  My goal is to always strive to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, artist, photographer... person.  So there is my loose, but all encompassing kind of goal.

I was going to have an awesome post with lots of pictures from 2010 and maybe go on a bit more about how awesome this new year will be, and probably type the word awesome a couple more times, but since the cat JUST peed on our bed (AAAAAARGH!@#$%^!!!) I need to do millions of loads of laundry instead...

  ...Well, I still say 2011 is full of hope and promise.  and awesome!

Denver, Mr. John, Bailey, Sage, and I on Christmas Eve
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