Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How do you like them cookies?

So, on Friday my sister Andrea and I are throwing a bridal shower for our soon-to-be sister-in-law. (wow! that's a lot of hyphens) Being the great planners we are, we made our sugar cookies last week, froze them, and were ready to frost and decorate today. Alright, I have a confession: I am a procrastinator, not a planner; but thank goodness Andrea is, and making them last week was her idea.

And the awesome thing is that these aren't just regular sugar cookies. These are to die for sugar cookies (should that be hyphenated? you know how I love my hyphens) I've eaten a number of sugar cookies in my day and I would say the majority of them were tasteless. I hate that! If I'm going to eat something bad for me, it better be tasty. And tasty is what these are. As my 8 year old daughter would say, "I think this is what they eat in heaven."

So we piped and flooded the afternoon away and here are the results:

they all have a D&J on them for our brother Doug and his fiance Janelle

Now they just need to be bagged and tagged. We have so many fun things planned for the shower this Friday and I can't wait.
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