Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Little Post and BIG news!

There is nothing better than to sit and listen to the rain through the open window while I paint.  I could seriously lose an entire day to that!  So, for this little post I thought I'd show you the little thing I painted today.  It's a little bit bigger than the witch canvas.  This one measures a whopping 4"x 2"!
Mr. Pumpkinhead
... and for the big news:  I now have 2 things in my etsy store!  Guess what they are?  Here is a clue:
I would love to hear what you think! 
awww, don't they look so cute together?


  1. Put that 'boo' in your etsy store and I will snatch it up,,

  2. Total awesomeness. Really. Can I be in your fanclub?

  3. Love them! The "striped" sides are pretty cool too. :)

  4. @Jamie... interesting! we should investigate this further.
    @Jessica, you can be president of the fanclub, but you'll have to make pins!
    @Shana, thank you!

  5. I just love your stuff! So creative. Glad I found your blog = )


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