Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Home

You know that feeling when you're moving, and the now empty house is all echoey and you realize how awesome your old house is, and how many memories you made there?  That's how I feel about this blog.  This is where I started... where I discovered so many things, wrote silly things, wrote serious things.

I have a new home now that is shiny and new and big with everything linked together like my instagram and my twitter that I ignore and it even has a shop!  Exciting stuff, but I kept putting off writing this post over here.  I know the other place will feel like home.  I will fill it up with all my old furniture, maybe get a new lamp and it will be awesome, but this is where Arty McGoo was born!  Where she took her first steps, painted on cookies for the first time, and where she talks about herself in the third person sometimes...

So, this is me forwarding my address: {this is for the whole she-bang}  {this is for the blog}

I feel like I know which ones are the squeaky stairs and how the drawer in the laundry room falls off it's tracks sometimes, but with the new blog it smells new and I don't know where all the outlets are yet.  I think it would help if you visited me over there though.  Maybe bring a plant or just sit and have cocoa with me some morning.  That would make it all feel like home.
Signing off...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun Find

I thought today I'd share something that I have fallen in love with (as a peace offering for my long absence?).  I saw this little beauty on the shelf at Beverly's  and I thought, "There is no way this stuff will work for cookies.  It probably won't dry or look good... but what the hey?"

Edit:  the lovely Sami on Facebook said she found this at the 99c store! and I realized THAT'S where I found mine too.  Until she mentioned it, I really thought I got it at Beverly's!  I'm blaming my old age...

I splurged on this little tube of sparkle gel (about $1.00) and I'm so glad I did!  Before I go any further, I just realized this sounds like a commercial, it is not.  

Because of the little amount of faith I had in this tube of sparkle, I forgot about it; until one fateful day... I was decorating and thought, Ugh, I'm going to have to mix up some "glass" for these windows (which usually consists of melting isomalt or sugar, or some other potentially hand-burning exercise) but I suddenly remembered that little tube.  Hmmmmm, let's experiment!

Not only does it dry fast, it keeps its wet and glassy look forever.  Usually at some point, sugar will cloud and get a milky kind of look, but this stays really clear and shiny.

There is a little glitter in it, and it doesn't get completely smooth (maybe it could if I messed around with it a bit more) but how cool is that?!  And besides, it gives an antique glass look, right?  I totally meant to do that.  

Oooooh!  shiny!  

Sooo, how do you get your hands on that little tube of wonder?  Now for a limited time... Just kidding.  This is not a commercial.  

I found the tube at the 99c Store, but I don't think everyone has those or that they are still there, so I went straight to the source which is the Cake Craft website.  It looks like you must call to place an order (the horror!) as I'm not seeing a marketplace on the site, but the price is super reasonable for a tube of awesome.  

It looks like Cake Craft sparkle gels come in several colors that would be fun to play around with!  
Have fun and get sparkly!

Monday, January 6, 2014

McGoo U January Sessions

Had to get my blog reading, non-facebook friends a head's up!

McGoo U is opening a few sessions this month. The class will be Cookie Decorating 101: Vintage Valentine

The courses will be:
January 24, 11:00 - 3:30
January 25, 10:00 - 2:30 or 4:00 - 8:30
Campus is in Paso Robles, California
Admissions will open at 5:00 pm PST

Contact Chancellor McGoo at for details!
Limited seating available.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

McGoo U

McGoo U Fight Song
to be sung with oven-mitted hand over heart

Hail to thee our alma mater
As we start to bake!
Heat our ovens to 350
Ready to decorate!

Aprons on,
cutters out,
butter soft.

McGoo University:
May our cookies never crumble
In thy bakery!

Oh!  That song always gets me a little misty-eyed!  I am proud to announce that a long time dream of mine is becoming a reality.  And when I say long time, I mean since I was a little pigtailed girl.  I always wanted to be a mom, an artist, and a teacher when I got big.  

Well I guess I'm a big girl now because I have started McGoo U where I get to teach students how I cookie; the process, the recipes, the art of cookieying!  I am so excited.  I tested out the waters on Facebook to see who would be interested and just 8 hours later the first two classes were full!  I realize that not everyone is on Facebook, (who are you crazy people anyway!?) and am adding a class on Saturday, December 14th to accommodate more students.  

There are not a lot of spots, and these first students are definitely guinea pigs, but I am having so much fun planning the curriculum.  We will be learning a lot of techniques including piping, dimension, airbrushing, and painting.  This first class is Christmas Cookies 101 and I am doing 3 sessions.  December 6th, December 7th, and December 14th.  the 6th and 7th are sold out, but there are still a few chairs available on the 14th.  (Update: December 14th is now SOLD OUT.)

The campus is located on the beautiful central coast of California in Paso Robles and class will be from 10:00 - 3:00.  Please contact Chancellor McGoo at for details on enrollment.  

Courses for next year will be announced here and on Facebook. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Goodness

It's that time of year again to introduce the Adam's family Halloween alter egos.

First up is the baby of the family.  Don't let his creepy skeleton face fool you, this jester is a snuggler... I mean juggler... he'll snuggle you're jugular?  Oh, I don't know!  He's a riddle!  Introducing:  DENVER the creepy, cuddly jester!

Next up is a sassy pirate princess.  She has attitude enough for a whole barnacle covered crew that will last through the whole voyage.  You can bet yer blasted bilge rat that she collected enough candy booty to fill Davey Jone's locker with this dandy rigging.  Meet SAGE, the infamous pirate heartbreaker!

And now we have a very lively lady who seems to be a bit... hungry.  She will settle for kit kat bars, but what she's really after is a piece of your mind!  I hope you've been preparing for the zombie apocalypse because this little lady is dying to lunch with you, and she is no slow, drooling deadhead... she's FAST and coming to get you.  Meet:  BAILEY, the hungry zombie who is proud to say she created her whole undead fashion!

Now we have something a little wild, but do not fear! this lion has been well trained.  He's traded his "King of the Jungle" status to discover his life long dream of being a ballerina.  His next trick is to make the ringmaster disappear!  Meet MR. JOHN, the sweetest wittle kitty cat in all the circus! {who is plotting a takeover}

And speak of the devil!  Here she is:  The Ringmaster to rule them all!  She has her hands full running the show and whipping all these characters into shape.  She keeps this 3 ring circus performing to her big top demands.  Don't let the ruffles and feathers fool you, she's a no-nonsense kind of gal who gets what she wants.  Ta DA!  Meet LIZ, the circus ringleader!

And they lived happily ever after eating piles and piles and piles of candy... and piles...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's the most BOO-tiful time of year!

Sooooo.... about that two times a week thing...  I am all over it starting NOW!

Carrying the name Adam's family comes with a big responsibility.  We HAVE to love Halloween, right?!  Well thank Uncle Fester, we do!  We put pumpkin into every single thing we possibly can until the last day of November:  pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin pasta sauce, pumpkin spice cake, pumpkin syrup for our pumpkin pancakes...  And when we dress up for Halloween, we don't mess around!

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2011

Our tradition of enjoying autumn always starts with a visit to See Canyon by Avila Beach where there are several quaint apple farms.  We enjoy sampling the different varieties of apples, drink some fresh pressed apple cider, and inevitably end the visit with some flavored honey sticks.  Next on our Autumn Enjoyment To Do list is visiting La Familia Ranch.  It is our favorite pumpkin patch because it is family owned and operated, there's a 5 acre corn maze, it is gorgeous, but most of all due to the fact that it is always brisk because it's on the coast.

We went yesterday and even though we left home sweating in our jackets in the 86* heat, we knew just a short 30 minute drive would bring us to Los Osos where we could pretend it really is autumn because it's 25 degrees cooler and foggy.

My little lovlies working the farm picking garbanzo beans.
First we began our visit with a little tractor ride around the farm.  

Next we circled the wagons and began hunting for our perfect pumpkins.

Then we get lost in the ginormous corn maze for a bit...

and the kids look serious in one shot because I like to see if they can do it.
We always meet up with the grands!  Mr. John's parents enjoy watching the kids pick out pumpkins and I have a sneaking suspicion that they have a deep and abiding love of Halloween as well.  

Mr. John found a nice pair of butternut squash... squashes... squashi?  Whatever the correct term is, they are going to make a delicious soup!

Denver's portrayal of "The Son of Man" painting.  He just needs a bowler!

We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous season and spending time with loved ones... and picking out a fabulous Halloween costume.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cookies and a promise

I, Elizabeth Adams (aka Arty McGoo) promise to hereby post at least 2 times a week. 

okay... now that I've promised I'm gonna make it happen.  We'll start off easy with some pictures of some cookie sets I've done lately and we'll up the word count next time.  

Sound good?  Yes?  yes.  thank you.
PS: even though my blog doesn't reflect it, we did get home from Canada, we had amazing adventures, we almost didn't make it back into America, and I WILL finish the saga.  

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